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Please note that maintenance work is scheduled by our website host on Wednesday April 27, 2016, between the hours of 11:30 AM and Midnight.

Our website may not be available during those hours. This maintenance work should only take a few hours but may be extended the whole timeframe.

Take out orders may be placed via phone during this time.

We thank you for your understanding.


At Lotus Everyday is Earth Day!

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Earth Day 2016Celebrated on April 22, Earth Day is the largest civic event in the world with a multitude of activities and events. It is a great way to spread environmental awareness and encourage each one of us to act responsibly.

As part of the community, the Lotus Family of Restaurants is doing its part in so many ways. This year we were even awarded the Joe Garbarino Green Business of the Year award for implementing eco-friendly practices in our day-to-day restaurant operations (see also our article about that award).

We invite you to be a part of the solution. You too can make every day of your life an Earth Day. Let’s think globally and act locally. Please join Lotus and help protect the environment for all of us and for future generations. Lets make Every Day an Earth Day.


Patch.com new article featuring Lotus Cuisine of India

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Indian food Patch.com, a community online news journal, wrote an article about how Lotus Cuisine of India focuses on Healthy Eating:

The Lotus Family of Restaurants are family run Indian restaurants in Marin County that offers a wide selection of healthy organic Indian cuisine.

Lotus has been featured many times in local print, TV, radio and online media . Surinder “Pal” Sroa and his staff at Lotus are so grateful for these articles that share insights about the Lotus Family of Restaurants.

We appreciate the support from our community and we love giving back. Most importantly we want everyone to know about our incredible food! http://bit.ly/1V3ZjCH


Springtime is Patio Time at Cafe Lotus in Fairfax

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Cafe Lotus Outdoor dining
Outdoor Dining with Organic Food and Wine

The OUTDOOR PATIO at Cafe Lotus in Fairfax was officially dedicated on September 29th by the mayor of Fairfax. The grand opening included a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with special guest Honorable Mayor Barbara Coler followed by a Fairfax Chamber Mixer with speaker County Supervisor Katie Rice.


Lotus wins 2016 San Rafael Chamber Award for being Green Business of the Year

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San Rafael Chamber Green Business of the Year winners

The mission of the Lotus Family of Restaurants in Marin County is to create contemporary healthy Indian cuisine for Marin County and the San Francisco North Bay in the most environmentally friendly way possible using the finest local sustainable and organic ingredients.

In 2014, Lotus Cuisine of India was certified as a Bay Area Green Business by the County of Marin. This is a certification given to businesses that have been audited and shown to have business practices that protect, preserve and sustain the environment.

Through its continued effort to making the restaurant green and sustainable, Lotus has now won the 2016 Joe Garbarino Green Business of the Year Award from the San Rafael Chamber of Commerce.

San Rafael Chamber CEO Joanne K. Webster writes:

“The Joe Garbarino Green Business Award recipient is celebrated for demonstrating extraordinary efforts to embed sustainable practices in their business operations and philosophy. This year, we received an impressive selection of 30 candidates from a diverse group of industries. All of the organizations nominated are doing extraordinary work in our community; making a difference and keeping our local economy strong.

Over 450 top business leaders, community organizers and elected officials in Marin County joined us at the annual State of the City dinner on Thursday, March 3rd at Peacock Gap to celebrate the accomplishments of these companies and to honor this year’s winners. The Joe Garbarino Green Business of the Year was awarded to Lotus Family of Restaurants”.

This recognition is based on many improvements in environmental management practices implemented by Lotus in recent years are:

  • Mostly vegetarian and vegan dishes
  • Conversion of menu to organic food (over 80% certified organic ingredients)
  • Conversion to gluten free and non-GMO ingredients
  • State-of-the-art energy-efficient kitchen with environmentally friendly “Energy Star” appliances
  • Water Conservation efforts
  • Remodel of facilities with energy efficient lighting
  • Switch to using organic and non GMO ingredients
  • Sponsoring and supporting local and global green organizations including: San Rafael Clean, Bioneers Conference, Marin Organic, Earth Day Marin and Marin Green Drinks
  • Member of Marin Clean Energy’s (MCE) Deep Green Program providing Lotus with 100% renewable energy
  • Offer discount to encourage customers to bring their own containers for take-out and leftovers.
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    The control of the palate is a valuable aid for the control of the mind – Mahatma Gandhi

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    Words to Live byI first because interested in improving my diet under the influence of Mahatma Gandhi, who used to include articles on diet and health in his weekly newspaper along with all the latest political news.

    I had been brought up on traditional South Indian cuisine. I had enjoyed it all thoroughly, but I had never asked what the purpose of food is. At Gandhi’s prompting I started asking this kind of questions and concluded to my great surprise that food is meant to nourish the body.

    I started changing. I began to eat foods that wouldn’t have appealed to me in earlier days. Now asparagus tastes better than chocolate tarte.

    The palate is the ideal starting point for getting some mastery over your senses. You have three, four, maybe more opportunities a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and any number of between-meal snacks. No need to talk of fasting or strange diest. Just resolve to move away from foods that don’t benefit your health and begin choosing foods that do.

    From “Words to Live By” by Eknath Easwaran


    Patch.com Damages Lotus Reputation with Poorly Researched Article on Health Violations

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    Lotus Health inspection Pass certificateLotus Cuisine of India was recently incorrectly included in a Patch.com article “6 Marin County Restaurants Receive ‘Conditional Pass’ Grade” posted on 2/16/2016:


    Lotus notified Patch of this error. Patch reporter Bea Karnes should have known how important it is to get the facts straight. She could have spoken or sent an email to County health inspectors before posting such an accusatory and damaging article but she did not. She relied entirely on a County website which contained outdated and incorrect information. Lotus was uniquely damaged because the information on the website was over a year old, compared to the other five restaurants, and no health department would permit a restaurant to operate with ongoing violations.

    Lotus owner Surinder “Pal” Sroa immediately discussed this article with environmental health specialists Loni Ward and David Smail at the Marin County Environmental Health Services. Both agree that the Patch article was full of discrepancies and Lotus should not be included in such an article. Ms. Ward has kindly written a letter about this which you can read by following the link below:

    Readers were led to believe that the 6 restaurants mentioned – including Lotus – are the worst offenders in Marin, when in fact they are not. Lotus received regular random health inspections like other restaurants as can be seen from the County Health website that Patch links to:


    the article specifically referred to a routine health inspection at Lotus dating back to early 2015. Patch incorrectly stated that Lotus Cuisine currently has a conditional grade. All the other restaurants had inspections from 2016.

    Lotus has received a PASS for every inspection since Feb 2015. For further details please see the Marin County health website the article links to and also the copies of the most recent health inspection which are attached.
    Lotus has retained legal counsel and asked for a formal retraction and raised a claim for defamation.

    The staff of Lotus Cuisine of India has requested an apology from Patch for the reputational damage and demanded a retraction of this defamatory article. Patch has finally removed Lotus from the article but has yet to apologize. Lotus is also seeking that Patch post a rebuttal article where Surinder Sroa has the opportunity to talk about his family of well-respected restaurants and about the issue of health inspections.

    Some of you may now be asking how you can help! Please show your support for the Lotus Family of Restaurants. Let Patch know that such poor journalism is not acceptable. Please tell your friends about this by sharing this article.


    Best of the 2016 Bay Area A-List

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    Best of Bay 2016 A-ListVote for the BEST Indian with the Bay Area A List:


    The 2016 Bay Area A-List polls are now open.

    Voting ends on Valentines Day February 14th

    Vote for Cafe Lotus


    North Indian vs South Indian

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    North vs South Indian cuisineNorth vs South Indian cuisine North Indian vs South Indian north vs southIndia is a large and diverse country. It has multiple cultures and languages. With that comes a multitude of cuisines. Some like to split the cuisine of India into North and South. So India has it’s on version of North vs South!

    Here in San Rafael we have a similar distinction! Lotus Cuisine of India at 704 4th Street serves primarily North Indian Cuisine while Lotus Chaat and Spices serves mainly South Indian street food such as dosas along with fusion foods like Indian pizzas and burritos.

    North Indian food has famous breads such as naan and chapati. There are tandoori oven meats like lamb and chicken. The dishes use plenty of chickpeas and lentil varieties. The base of North Indian foods includes onions, tomatoes, ginger and garlic.

    South Indian food is mostly vegetarian with some fish. Instead of bread there is more rice and a plenty of coconut. A mix of rice and lentils are used to make the dosas, a very popular food of the South. Southern dishes are said to have sharp, intense flavors and often are spicier than northern dishes.


    Cafe Lotus closes from 2:30 – 4:30 PM

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    Cafe Lotus to Lotus ChaatCafe Lotus is closed between lunch and dinner from 2:30 – 4:30 PM.

    Lotus Chaat stays open! Get your curries at our other location:

    1559 4th Street, San Rafael

    Our Locations

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